What Is Body Integrity Dysphoria?

Body integrity dysphoria (BID) is neurological condition that causes people to experience discomfort with the presence or function of parts of their body. BID was previously referred to as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) a term still often used today. This condition is a diagnosis listed in ICD-11.

BID comes in many forms, targeting various parts of the body. The target of a person's BID is known as their need. This need could be sensory, amputory, or paralyzing in nature. Examples include a need to be deaf, a need to have a pinky finger removed, or a need to be paralyzed neck down.

The primary symptom of BID is dysphoria, the emotional pain of feeling like your body isn't right. This pain in the worst cases can be all consuming, disrupting daily function, and leading to acts made in desperation. There are few effective ways to treat dysphoria; simulating, the process of someone acting out their need, can help reduce dysphoria, but the only available cure is to receive the need.